Sam Neill’s Two Paddocks Wine

You are far more likely to have heard of Sam Neill’s acting than his wine but his vineyards in New Zealand are making some great wines that are starting to get noticed.

Although he was born in Omagh in Northern Ireland when his dad was stationed there with the Irish Guards, Neill identifies as a New Zealander. His father was a native to New Zealand and they moved back when he was just 7
years old.

His biggest acting role to date was in 1993’s Jurassic Park which became one of the biggest movies of all time, propelling him into the public’s eye. More recently he starred in the BBC’s acclaimed Peaky Blinders as a Northern Irish police inspector.

While he still acts, Neill also puts time into this venture and though it might sound like a bit of an overnight success’ it has been on the go since the first grapes were planted in 1993.

Sam Neill along with family and friends run the vineyards and thought they are a small company they have four organic vineyards around Central Otago which is the most southern wine region in New Zealand.
Two Paddocks is sold around the world and the only Australian distributer is Negotiants found on Grote Street in Adelaide.

Prices will vary but the most expensive bottle is likely to set you back around 80AUD or 85NZD. The cheapest comes in at around 20AUD or 25NZD.

As well as his vineyards, growing the grapes that make Two Paddocks what it is they grow a number of other things too like saffron and lavender as well as having a number of animals around the farm all named after Hollywood colleagues.

The thing we like most about Two Paddocks, beside the wine, is that it is a clear passion product. Sam Neill has talked about it not being the most financially rewarding hobby he could have but it is his love for it that makes him keep going.

We would like to think that with more attitudes like that around the wine community the better products we would start to see year in year out.

If you are interested in trying on of Two Paddocks range of wines then locating one of the distributers closet to you is probably the best bet.

Another way to enjoy Two Paddocks is by joining their wine club which gives you exclusive access to events and deals on wine. This is probably only a good idea if you can get over to New Zealand easily enough otherwise you might not get the full benefit of the membership.

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