The Wines Representing Australia

Australia Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase everything this wonderful country has all around the world. This year in the UK and Ireland Australia welcomed the people of London, Dublin and Edinburgh to sample some of our finest wines.

With over 1000 wines coming from 40 regions, journalists, sommeliers and specialists numbering over 1000 attended the events.
Wine makers and winery owners were invited to the event to show what they had to offer. These included representatives from; Petaluma, Josef Chromy, Mcwilliams, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Pfeiffer Wines, Dal Zotto, d’Arenberg and more.

All of the guests that were invited along to these special events had the opportunity to taste established and respected brands as well as some newcomers. There were also a number of masterclasses which aimed to give people a much better idea of the techniques used to create some of the finest Australian wines.

Australia Day is held on January 26th every year but events tend to be held around the date to celebrate everything from Australia’s interesting and complex past to its great cuisine, wine production and fashion.
It is also a wonderful opportunity for the tourist trade to push people’s awareness of Australia and all the things to see and do here.

Making people aware that it is one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy great weather, sandy beaches and water sports but also that there is so much more beyond that.
Obviously our focus here is on Australian wine and tourists can find out much more about that with guided tours and more available for entire regions down to individual vineyards and winery’s.

Beyond the great wine regions, there are also some great areas that foodies will love to explore. With a rich farming culture and miles of coastline you can enjoy surf or turf until you can’t eat any more.

Explore the vast wilderness of the outback or experience the buzz of city life, it is all possible in Australia which is why we champion Australia Day as much as we can. The more people that visit the more chance that the wines produced here get noticed and spread around the world.

This year’s Australia Day wine tastings across the UK and Ireland were a resounding success and we hope to see some more bottles appear in restaurants and bars over the next year. Hopefully 2019 will bring some even bigger events that will allow us to showcase our talents on an even grander scale.

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