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What to do when buying wine in Australia

Going into a shop to buy wine can be great, especially if the people in the shop know what they are talking about and can help you with any questions you might have. That is not always the case though so having some kind of idea about what you should be looking for is always a help.


Here are some of the best tips we can offer you when it comes to buying wine. When you have a better idea it makes it so much easier to shop online and make use of all the deals available.
Online shopping opens up a far greater choice for you as well as giving you more opportunity to save money. You can get deals at Groupon for a number of online off licenses which is great if you know what you are looking for. We are here to help make that a bit easier.


Read the Labels
Don’t judge a wine by its front label, that is probably just a nice picture to get your interest. The important information that will let you know more about the wine is on the back label so don’t forget to read that before making any decisions.


Keep a Note of Your Favourites
As you try more wine it is easy enough to make a quick note on your phone of the ones you like. Details like what region they are from will also let you build up a better awareness of what wines you are more likely to enjoy.


Don’t Always Believe the Hype
Wines that crow about being Gold Standard’ and things like that have 99 times out of 100 given themselves this title to try and impress you and sound more important than they actually are. Quality wines don’t need to do this.


Know the Value of the Wine
The price of a bottle doesn’t tell the whole story. If you are holding a cheap bottle of wine think about how much of that cost has gone into VAT, transport etc. If you are left with a bottle that’s real value is very low you might have to ask yourself why that is.


Be Wary of Discounted Wines
If a wine has been discounted it is probably because they want to move it on. Saving money on wine by using discount codes allows you to choose which wine you want while still saving you some money.


Remember Your Phone
If you can’t get any good advice on which wine you should be buying there are plenty of apps that can help you. By letting it know what you are eating or other wines you like you will be given suggestions that should fit the bill.
Buying wine doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to spend a fortune either, follow this guide and take any advice you can get and you should we well on the right track to buying wine online or in person.

The Wines Representing Australia

Australia Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase everything this wonderful country has all around the world. This year in the UK and Ireland Australia welcomed the people of London, Dublin and Edinburgh to sample some of our finest wines.

With over 1000 wines coming from 40 regions, journalists, sommeliers and specialists numbering over 1000 attended the events.
Wine makers and winery owners were invited to the event to show what they had to offer. These included representatives from; Petaluma, Josef Chromy, Mcwilliams, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Pfeiffer Wines, Dal Zotto, d’Arenberg and more.

All of the guests that were invited along to these special events had the opportunity to taste established and respected brands as well as some newcomers. There were also a number of masterclasses which aimed to give people a much better idea of the techniques used to create some of the finest Australian wines.

Australia Day is held on January 26th every year but events tend to be held around the date to celebrate everything from Australia’s interesting and complex past to its great cuisine, wine production and fashion.
It is also a wonderful opportunity for the tourist trade to push people’s awareness of Australia and all the things to see and do here.

Making people aware that it is one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy great weather, sandy beaches and water sports but also that there is so much more beyond that.
Obviously our focus here is on Australian wine and tourists can find out much more about that with guided tours and more available for entire regions down to individual vineyards and winery’s.

Beyond the great wine regions, there are also some great areas that foodies will love to explore. With a rich farming culture and miles of coastline you can enjoy surf or turf until you can’t eat any more.

Explore the vast wilderness of the outback or experience the buzz of city life, it is all possible in Australia which is why we champion Australia Day as much as we can. The more people that visit the more chance that the wines produced here get noticed and spread around the world.

This year’s Australia Day wine tastings across the UK and Ireland were a resounding success and we hope to see some more bottles appear in restaurants and bars over the next year. Hopefully 2019 will bring some even bigger events that will allow us to showcase our talents on an even grander scale.

Australian Wine Regions

Here in Australia we are more commonly known for sun, sea and surf, which is fair enough because it’s pretty great over here. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people when they find out we produce some great wine and have a load of great wine regions worth exploring.

To make it easier for visitors to learn more about them we are going to list some of the best Australian wine regions here for you today.

The Southern Half of Australia has all of the wine producers spread across the 4 different regions of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.
South Australia (the region) has the most wine producers so here are some of the best areas within it that deserve more recognition.

Barossa Valley

Known for Shiraz wines, the Barossa Valley is under an hour away from Adelaide and boasts some vines that are around 200 years old. The area is free from the Phylloxera insect which destroys vines, giving them much more opportunity to grow to this age.

Adelaide Hills
The Adelaide Hills are great for reds and whites and a Chardonnay that is well worth experiencing.

McLaren Vale
Another great region for reds and whites, McLaren Vale has a great Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay while their Cabernet and Shiraz should not be overlooked either.

New South Wales
Although Australia can be a hot country that experiences droughts, the Big Rivers Zone’ in New South Wales where 4 rivers run through is ideal for growing and over 75% of New South Wales wine comes from this area.

Offering both commercial and fine wines, Victoria in New South Wales is an area that can’t be overlooked. With hundreds of vineyards and a climate ideal for growing it really is a great place to visit for wine tasting experiences.

Western Australia
The sheer size of Western Australia, roughly a third of the entire country, means there was always going to be regions ideal for growing and wine production.

Swan Valley
Like Western Australia, Swan Valley covers a vast area that has diverse climates making it ideal for growing a range of grapes and producing various great wines.

Margaret River
The temperature of the Margaret River region makes it ideal for whites like Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay’s.

An island located off the south coast of Australia, Tasmania produces the majority of Australia’s sparkling wines or at least contributes ingredients to them.

It might not be the most prolific Australian wine producer but Queensland does have a few tricks up its sleeve so write this region off at your peril.

Sam Neill’s Two Paddocks Wine

You are far more likely to have heard of Sam Neill’s acting than his wine but his vineyards in New Zealand are making some great wines that are starting to get noticed.

Although he was born in Omagh in Northern Ireland when his dad was stationed there with the Irish Guards, Neill identifies as a New Zealander. His father was a native to New Zealand and they moved back when he was just 7
years old.

His biggest acting role to date was in 1993’s Jurassic Park which became one of the biggest movies of all time, propelling him into the public’s eye. More recently he starred in the BBC’s acclaimed Peaky Blinders as a Northern Irish police inspector.

While he still acts, Neill also puts time into this venture and though it might sound like a bit of an overnight success’ it has been on the go since the first grapes were planted in 1993.

Sam Neill along with family and friends run the vineyards and thought they are a small company they have four organic vineyards around Central Otago which is the most southern wine region in New Zealand.
Two Paddocks is sold around the world and the only Australian distributer is Negotiants found on Grote Street in Adelaide.

Prices will vary but the most expensive bottle is likely to set you back around 80AUD or 85NZD. The cheapest comes in at around 20AUD or 25NZD.

As well as his vineyards, growing the grapes that make Two Paddocks what it is they grow a number of other things too like saffron and lavender as well as having a number of animals around the farm all named after Hollywood colleagues.

The thing we like most about Two Paddocks, beside the wine, is that it is a clear passion product. Sam Neill has talked about it not being the most financially rewarding hobby he could have but it is his love for it that makes him keep going.

We would like to think that with more attitudes like that around the wine community the better products we would start to see year in year out.

If you are interested in trying on of Two Paddocks range of wines then locating one of the distributers closet to you is probably the best bet.

Another way to enjoy Two Paddocks is by joining their wine club which gives you exclusive access to events and deals on wine. This is probably only a good idea if you can get over to New Zealand easily enough otherwise you might not get the full benefit of the membership.

Wine Trends to Look Out For in 2018

If you are a wine connoisseur the chances are you have already heard about which wines will be a hit in 2018. If you haven’t heard yet or are more of a novice to the world of wine don’t worry, we have the solution.

We will be going over some of the top wine trends that 2018 will have so sit back and relax.
We might all have a favourite country or region to buy wine from but keeping an open mind and experimenting can open up your wine world. China, Chile and Georgie are countries to look out for in 2018 with some great wines coming soon.

The world of wine does have a sense of snobbery about it on occasion and if the next trend is going to take off certain movements will have to change their way of thinking. Canned wine is due to make a bigger impact on 2018 due to how much easier it is.

Younger generations have already embraced the idea of wine in cans but traditionalists might take a bit longer to convince.

As well as wine in a can, draft wine is going to be a lot more popular due to the overwhelming benefits including it being more environmentally friendly and efficient.

While cross pollination and collaboration might have been happening for a while in the beer and whisky world it could creep into the wine industry in 2018 opening up a whole new world of flavour and experience for its drinkers.

Living in an age when we hear constant talk about organic, gluten free, natural products it was only a matter of time that the wine industry took notice. Natural wines that don’t add or remove anything unnaturally and is farmed organically is starting to find its niche and 2018 could be the year that it is taken a bit more seriously.

The last trend we will look at is one that started in 2017 and looks set to continue into 2018. That is the fall of champagne. Once seen as THE sparkling wine, its demise has been encouraged by the unprecedented rise to glory of Prosecco. As far as price and taste go it is obvious why it has made such an impact on the industry.

We are sure there will be some surprises yet to come in 2018 and we can’t wait to see what the wine industry as a whole has instore for us.